2016 Cusco

Monday, August 22, 2016 to Thursday, September 15, 2016

Join us in the Cusco area Aug 22 - Sep 15, 2016!

The ACSP will be returning to the Cusco region for our second full expedition in August, 2016.  Our research expedition will run from August 22 to September 15.  Our base for the expedition will be world famous Cusco and our hotel is located mere blocks from the heart of the city.  When not in the mountains, you will have plenty of time to explore the historic city and surrounding areas.  Our expedition will begin in the Ausangate region where we will conduct a seven day trek and climb along part of the famous Ausangate circuit and climbers will have the opportunity to climb and sample Ausangate (6374 m) and Jampa (5500 m).  After this journey, we will return to Cusco for a few days rest, then we will visit two more regions (mountains yet to be determined) to climb and sample mountains up to 6000 m.  We anticipate that several university students from the Cusco region who will participate in the expedition making it a true cultural experience. 

We will be conducting several scientific research projects on this expedition.  The primary project will be the sampling of snow for black carbon (see project page).  We will also be conducting extensive water quality measurements as well as taking measurements for satellite validation of ground cover.  These data will be a starting point for long term observations in the region which will be conducted in collaboration with local university scientists and students.

This expedition is ideal for:

  • Volunteers who want to trek, camp, and contribute through hands-on projects in the spectacular Cordillera Blanca while interacting with scientists, locals, and other expedition members.
  • Climbers/ mountaineers who would like to help us do research up to the summits of key peaks (5000-6000 m) throughout the range.
  • Students interested in getting hands-on experience in field research and graduate students looking for help facilitating their field data collection. Over the past 3 years, we have facilitated >15 undergraduate and graduate student projects.
  • We also invite researches to bring new projects to our expeditions. We can plan to facilitate and support approved projects. Please contact us to get more information on research logistics in this region.

Information on the schedule (in one week segments or the entire expedition), costs, logistics, and how to apply will be posted below very soon. Please contact us on any specific questions. We look forward to a having great research expedition this year!