2018 Peru Expeditions

Sunday, July 1, 2018 to Saturday, August 25, 2018

Starting in July 2018, the ACSP will host our 8th annual Cordillera Blanca research expedition. Scientists, volunteers, students, and mountaineers are invited join us for a summer of research, conservation and adventure in Huascaran National Park.

Our expeditions are ideal for:

  • Volunteers who want to trek, camp, and contribute through hands-on projects in the spectacular Cordillera Blanca while interacting with scientists, locals, and other expedition members.
  • Climbers/ mountaineers who would like to help us do research up to the summits of key peaks (5000-6000 m) throughout the range.
  • Students interested in getting hands-on experience in field research and graduate students looking for help facilitating their field data collection.
  • We also invite researchers to bring new projects to our expeditions. We can plan to facilitate and support approved projects. Please contact us to get more information on research logistics in this region.

We have two types of expeditions:

(1) Trekking only- Volunteers choosing this option will participate in all research and conservation projects below glacier level.

(2) Trekking + climbing- Volunteers choosing this option will participate in all research and conservation project AND assist with high mountain research on glaciers and peaks.

Information on the schedule trips, costs, logistics, and how to apply are below. Please contact us on any specific questions. We look forward to a having great research expedition this year!

Costs for entire Cordillera Blanca expedition – does not include Cusco – Trekking (T) $3950, Climbing (C) $6550 ($5750 without the High Peak). Student scholarships are available.

July 1-6 Ulta Valley

(Note: No peaks, only tough scrambling). T$1075 C$1075


Yanayacu pass (4850 m)

July 8-16 Quilcayhuanca Valley/Cojup Valley

T$ $1075 C$2150


Andavite (5518 m) 18,104 ft

Maparaju (5326 m) 17,474 ft

Huapi Pass (~5100 m) 16, 732 ft

July 17-July 25 Ishinca Valley

T$ $1075 C$2150


Urus Este (5423m) 17,792 ft

Ishinca (5530 m) 18,143 ft

Tocllaraju (6034 m) 19,797 ft

July 26 - 31 Llanganuco Valley

T$ $1075 C$2150


Pisco (5760 m) 18, 871 ft

Yanapaccha (5460 m) 17,917 ft

Aug. 1 – 8 High Peak Depending on Conditions

T$ $1075 C$2750 (note: requires acclimatization prior to the trip)


Huascaran Sur (6,768 m) 22,334 ft


Ranrapalca (6162 m) 20,217 ft

Aug. 11 – 25 Cusco, Peru (including Machu Picchu and the Ausengate vicinity trekking)

T$ $2350 C$3750


Jampa (5510 m) 18,077 ft

Ausengate (6,384 m) 20,945 ft

Note: Dates, Principle Valleys, and Peaks to be climbed are all subject to change.  Activities are subject to weather, condition of the routes, condition of participants, and other risks and hazards.  There is no guarantee of a particular peak being climbed by an individual