CB Costs

American Climber Science Program 2015 Peru Expedition

Cordillera Blanca, Huaraz, Peru


The required donation for each Trip (see dates on the Peru Schedule) is $1475. We recommend that people participate in at least two consecutive Trips in order to maximize acclimatization and to enjoy the experience more fully ($2850). Participant donations are capped at ($4325) for three or more Trips. If time is available, we encourage people to consider staying for the entire 8-­‐week expedition. (Note: Donations are being sought for student research scholarships. If you are a student who has a specific research project for the expedition, please contact us at [email protected] for more information. Scholarships are only available to those who submit a completed application, have paid the deposit and are committed to the expedition.)


Payment timing: A deposit of $500 is due with each application and is only refundable if you are not chosen for the expedition. The first half of the payment is due by May 1. The remainder of the costs are due by May 15.


Payments, including the initial deposit, should be made to the American Climber Science Program -­‐ Peru Expedition 2015 online through PayPal. A link can be found at our website (http://climberscience.org/donate).


The ACSP is in the process of applying for federal tax exemption as a 501(c)(3) public charity. If this designation is granted, then some or all of your donation may be deductible for federal income tax purposes. The process of applying for and obtaining a federal tax exemption is lengthy and there can be no assurance that the exemption will be granted. Please consult your tax professional for advice regarding deductibility.


Covered Costs: (Note: the expedition begins in Huaraz, Peru and participants are required to get to Huaraz on their own. Our local expedition logistics firm – La Cima Expeditions ([email protected]) -­‐ can provide assistance with booking hotels in Lima, buses to Huaraz, etc. at little cost depending on assistance required.)


Costs covered by your expedition fees include:

National Park Research and Climbing permits

Accommodations in Huaraz (shared room with up to 4 people)

Expedition Cooks

Expedition Food

Cook and dining tents

Burro transport (when available)

Transportation to all trailheads

Group climbing gear (ropes, snow/ice protection)

Basic technical training to use the science equipment

Basic alpine rescue training

Basic Medical Equipment

Emergency Satellite Communication (note: not for personal calls)


Costs NOT covered include:

Travel to and from Huaraz

Food and personal activities in Huaraz Individual porters, if needed Individual climbing gear and clothing

Personal sleeping gear and tents    

Tips for cooks and guides, if applicable

Passports, visas and vaccinations

Medical, hospitalization and evacuation costs


Scope of Participation:

The Expedition’s primary mission is the achievement of research and other science-­‐ related objectives. If you participate in the Expedition, you will be agreeing to participate in supporting the Expedition in its pursuit of its objectives, without regard to whether you participate in any particular activity. The scope of your actual participation in the Expedition may vary depending upon a variety of factors, including your skills, experience, physical conditioning and preparation, as well as your ability to acclimatize or otherwise adjust to conditions adequately. Note that you won’t be required to participate in any activity for which you don’t feel prepared or capable and you’ll be solely responsible for exercising your own judgment regarding whether to participate or continue participating in a particular activity.


Important Note About Preparation, Conditions, Safety & Risk:  Previous experience in high altitude locations and with the other activities described, as well as excellent fitness and a high tolerance for uncomfortable conditions, are essential for participation in the Expedition. In particular:

  • Climbing and engaging in other activities at high altitudes is inherently dangerous and there is no way to provide absolute protection.
  • Possible dangers include avalanche, rock fall and crevasse fall.
  • Medical conditions such as Acute Mountain Sickness, HAPE, HACE, blindness, etc., are all possibilities.
  • Weather can be unpredictable and present great personal dangers of frostbite and death from cold conditions. Unpredictable weather may also lead to hypothermia and similar health-­‐related risks.
  • Although we will have a satellite phone with us, satellite phones are not always reliable. Even once contact with local authorities is made, any rescue response is likely to be slow at best.
  • These and other hazards require a high degree of competence, vigilance and  care. This trip is not a guided tour, expedition or holiday and is being led by volunteers who are not paid professional guides or leaders. All participants will be solely and fully responsible for their own safety. Participants are responsible for having the appropriate skills, fitness and supplies required for this endeavor and accept full responsibility for the inherent and other risks associated with the
  • Expedition. More information regarding the risks involved in the Expedition are set forth in the Acknowledgment of Risk & Assumption of Responsibility available on our website.  Please read this document carefully before agreeing to participate in the Expedition. It will apply to you if you participate in the Expedition.


Other Terms and Conditions:

  • A description of the General Terms & Conditions that will apply to the Expedition is available on our website. Please read them carefully, as they will apply to you if you participate in the Expedition.