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Previous Expeditions

June 10, 2015


The ACSP will host our 5th annual research expedition in the Cordillera Blanca in Huascaran National Park in the summer of 2015. The Cordillera Blanca region is our core research and conservation focus and we have been working here every year since 2011.  The Cordillera Blanca is one of the most spectacular climbing areas in the world - with over 33 peaks higher than 6000 meters and hundreds of peaks over 5000 meters.

June 17, 2014


The 2014 Cordillera Blanca Peru expedition was a great success.  Researchers and volunteers with the American Climber Science Program conducted a set of scientific research projects in Huascaran National Park in the Cordillera Blanca, Peru. Our expedition began with a different flavor than in the past as ACSP volunteers began with an archaeological visit to the Aukis Pukio region in the northern Cordillera Blanca. 


Glaciers in the tropical Andes have been melting at an alarming rate since the 1950s.  Light absorbing particles on glacier surfaces may have been contributing to increases in melt rates.  The goal of the black carbon research is to determine the types and amounts of light absorbing particles make it into the snowpack.

The goal of our work in the Himalayas is to document changes in high mountain ecosystems as they respond to the integrated effects of multiple stressors, including human land use decisions and climate variability and change. 

Current & Upcoming Expeditions

August 9, 2015


In August 2015, the ACSP will be conducting its first expedition to the Cusco region of Peru.  Participants will trek through the spectacular mountains surrounding Cusco and participate in hands-on research.  This expedition has great opportunities for participants who just want to enjoy the valleys without going onto glaciers as well as for experienced mountaineers who will climb the high peaks to help collect glacier samples.